Is Qigong the same as Tai Chi?

Qigong is not the same as Tai Chi.

Qigong is a "healing art" and Tai Chi is a "martial art".

​Tai Chi practitioners use the same energy that we develop in Qigong.

While Tai Chi uses longer sequences of connected movements, standing Qigong consists of a smaller number of movements with more repetitions.

Are there different types of Qigong?


"Static" Qigong relies on meditation to achieve the flow of chi.

"Dynamic" Qigong uses flowing postures.

Can Qigong be done seated?


What is QiGong?

Qi (pronounced Chi) is the Chinese word for energy.
Gong (pronounced Kung) is the Chinese word for practice or work.

Qigong is an ancient traditional Chinese practice of mindful exercises, consisting of breathing and qi circulation techniques that are capable of improving health, preventing illness, and strengthening the body.

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How can I find a class?

Message me to find out what is in your area,

or we can talk about getting a class in your area.

Private classes are also available in my home studio.

​​​What is Qigong used for?

Healers and the medical community use qigong for healing and preventing illness. Martial Artists use qigong for developing strength and ability. Religions use qigong to attain a greater state of consciousness. 
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
stresses “To heal, look for the cause of the illness” and opposes only treating the disease. TCM has long been a Holistic practice and realizes the whole body, mind and spirit must be addressed.

Do I need to purchase special equipment to take a Qigong class?

No equipment is necessary.

Qigong is easy to learn and can be done anywhere at anytime with no equipment or special work out gear.  

Qigong is not rigid and is meant to be done in a way that is right for you. 

Once you have attended a class you will be allowed to view my YouTube page showing the movements you learned in class.

You will have these exercises for one month so you can practice them correctly and become comfortable doing them at home.  

Carol A Richards

Carol is a Rhythm and Movement Facilitator and Energy Practitioner for over 30 year.


Drums Alive Senior Master Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Instructor 

Health Rhythms Trained Facilitator, VMC Trained Drum Circle Facilitator, Beat the Odds Facilitator

PECS 1 and PECS Across the Day Certified 

Gendai Reiki Ho (Shinpinden), EFT and TFT, Qigong Teacher, Law of Attraction

Advanced Aromatherapy


Licensed Aesthetician 

State licensed DSP specializing in Adults with Autism.

This was done in Yosemite National Park at sunrise.

It was only about 25 degrees, but once I started Qigong I felt nice and warm.  

Sharing  the earths energy has many benefits.

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