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I have always been different. Always questioning conventional wisdom. Always thinking there was something to uncover and discover.

Dancer from the age of 5 and Ballroom Teacher by 18. I loved dance and movement, but a foot injury changed my focus. I was also interested in fitness and after moving to San Diego, I got a job as an aerobics teacher. Later, I worked as a personal trainer. 

I got an invitation to live in Taiwan and Hong Kong and jumped at the chance to travel some more. I recommend everyone travel to another country to learn how other people think and feel. When I moved back to San Diego I was a bit lost. I was making bad choices in my relationships and didn't really know how to change that. Then I met an amazing woman. We worked together as massage technicians and she told me about a method of healing called Reiki. My first session was incredible. I was able to focus immediately on what the problem was and able to make corrections to my life. It took a while but I now understood what I needed to work on.

Switching gears once again, I decided to go to school to become an Aesthetician. I had worked as a makeup artist and loved it, but also wanted to be able to work in a spa doing facials. I made this happen, and soon after starting my first job in this new field, I married a Navy man. Which meant we were going to move.  Children followed soon after that and we moved back to the east coast. I was a stay at home Mom but slowly started back as a part time Aesthetician. I was setting up my own business when we moved again. This time to Maine. I realized immediately that the part of Maine we moved to was not going to support my business. We rented a large farm and raised our own food. The perfect place to raise a family.

2003 - I completed a study of Advanced Aromatherapy and opened an aromatherapy business from my home.

2004 - I completed a course to become a Behavioral Specialist and worked with children and adults with Autism and other disabilities.

The best way to describe myself is a Seeker. Searching for ways to help me be a better person. I like to learn, I like research.

I like to experience life and try new things. I like change. I have always been interested in Complementary Therapies and decided to study Reiki. I took a methodical approach. I always look for the best teacher. I do not believe in a fast food approach to learning. There are many "teachers" out there who will sell you a quick certificate. I know quick is not the best. I took it slow, waiting for the call.

I found the best teacher and learned the right way throughRoberta Barnes.

2002 - I completed Level I, Shoden

            (during this time I started to study Shamanic Journeying)

2003 - I completed Level II, Okuden

2014 - I completed Level III, Shipinden

2010 was a time for change. I didn't feel healthy. I wasn't healthy. The results from my physical showed I was heading in a bad direction. I needed to take charge of my health. I needed to find a cardiovascular exercise I would like. My husband, knowing I loved to dance, told me he saw a sign at a studio for Zumba. This was the start of a long road back to fitness. I taught Zumba Gold for a couple of years and then found Drums Alive. 

Drums Alive started me on a remarkable journey.

2013 - I studied with the creator or Drums Alive, Carrie Ekins, and became one of her Master Trainers.

2014 - I started studying African Drumming with Resounding Rhythms and with Master Drummer Sayon Camara

My complete love of drumming lead me to wellness drum circles.

2015 - I studied Health Rhythms and learned how to be a Health Rhythms Facilitator. I am currently studying under Christine Stevens, the co creator of Health Rhythms.

2018 - I picked up my first frame drum and was hooked. Using Layne Redmond's dvd's, I am studying her methods of drumming.

2019 I studied with Arthur Hull, the creator of the modern drum circle and graduated from Village Music Circles - Drum Circle Facilitators Intensive Workshop.

I am currently studying Shamanic Drumming and will soon offer Shamanic Journeying.

I studied Qigong through Tai Chi Healthways and teach through Maine General Health.

Turn on your favorite music and dance. Look at toddlers and small children, that's how we were meant to move, with total freedom. Not caring who is watching or judgements from unhappy people. Just dance! Just move! Be the toddler!

Classes with Carol​

          Carol A Richards, owner

          Founder of Water Imprints Meditation

          Master trainer and facilitator

classeswithcarol@gmail.com                                                                     207-409-3626

Carol A Richards

Carol is a Rhythm and Movement Facilitator and Energy Practitioner for over 30 year.


Drums Alive Senior Master Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Instructor 

Health Rhythms Trained Facilitator, VMC Trained Drum Circle Facilitator, Beat the Odds Facilitator

PECS 1 and PECS Across the Day Certified 

Gendai Reiki Ho (Shinpinden), EFT and TFT, Qigong Teacher, Law of Attraction

Advanced Aromatherapy


Licensed Aesthetician 

State licensed DSP specializing in Adults with Autism.

Drumming opens doors!

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Drumming builds community

Bringing Drums Alive to little ones.

Bringing drumming to special events.

Drumming fun with diverse communities.

Bringing Drums Alive to Beijing

Bringing Drums Alive to colleges.

Our first drumbeat was the pulsing of blood from our mothers heart.

Drumming centers us and helps us with meditation and healing. 

When we drum we connect to our heartbeat.

Nothing else matters. 

Stress slips away.