Drumming makes us happy.

It activates the "feel good" chemicals in our brain.


Helping people find joy and inner peace by exploring their own rhythm, holistically, through drumming and movement.​​​

Drumming lets us find our inner child.

The beautiful rhythmic person that's always been there.

Just waiting for the right moment to come out and play.

Drumming helps us meditate and be one with nature.

It is the first sound we hear in our mothers womb. Her heartbeat and the pulsing of blood.

Drumming helps us heal.

You'll find like minded people with different backgrounds and cultures.

Drumming, rhythm and movement for a healthy mind and body.

Drumming is good for our bodies, our mind, and our spirit.

Carol A Richards

Carol A Richards

Carol is a Rhythm and Movement Facilitator and an Energy Practitioner for over 30 year.
Certificates for:

Drums Alive as a Senior Master Trainer   AFAA Certified Group Instructor 

Health Rhythms Trained Facilitator, VMC Trained Drum Circle Facilitator  

Gendai Reiki Ho (Shinpinden), EFT and TFT, Qigong, Law of Attraction

Licenses in:

Licensed Aesthetician 

State licensed DSP specializing in Adults with Autism.

There is power in a circle.

People have been gathering in circles for thousands of years. 

Join me for drumming, movement and dance.

Be reintroduced to your roots!

Drumming helps our creativity.

I created a labyrinth in my backyard.

Just because it felt right to do it.

Drumming brings us closer to the rhythm of the earth.

What can drumming do for me?