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Hiking to the top of Mt. Blue, Maine

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What is meant by energy?​

Energy is the life force that is within all things.

It is what connects all of us with nature. 

Our energy should flow through us like a river. 

Our body's rivers are called meridians.

We have a series of 12 bilateral interconnected channels that circulate bioelectric signals we call chi.

Chi nurtures the internal organs to which they are linked.

​If the river becomes blocked, what happens?

The water becomes stagnate and whatever was dependent on it becomes ill.  

Like the river, when energy or chi becomes blocked disease can follow. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches us that in order to keep the body healthy we need to keep blockages from happening. 

Thousands of years ago points were mapped out to aid in releasing tension and unblocking the channels. 

Western Medicine also knows that when the body is calm and stress free we stand a much better chance of staying healthy. 

​Where does Energy come from?

It comes from above and below. We feel the earths energy through our feet and the skies energy through our hands and the top of our head.  This is where the "good" energy comes from. We can also absorb other peoples energy. This can be troublesome.  

​We have all experienced a person who we say is "draining" or is"negative". We also may experience the opposite, and say, that person is so "energetic" or "positive".  

We are experiencing their energy, just like others experience ours.  A good energy worker will only allow natures energy to flow through them to you and will not allow their own personal energy to interfere with yours. 

You may also find a person who is "disorienting". By this I mean their thoughts and energy are scattered. They are not focused, and because of this you may feel confused or suddenly get a headache. You can learn how to re-center yourself and gain back your control. 

Why do you study Chinese and Japanese methods of energy healing?

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years. Before Western Medicine, everyone lived a holistic lifestyle.  The Chinese believed we needed to keep our bodies, mind and spirit healthy in order to ward off disease. Whereas Western Medicine believes in treating disease.  

When was the last time your doctor asked you about your eating habits? Has your doctor ever sat down and asked if you had problems in your family? Not about disease, but about life and living. We have been taught, by expensive marketing campaigns, that we need medicine.  From over the counter antacids to asking your doctor about getting medications.  

I want you to take back control over your life. 

You hold the key to your health.

Your body was meant to heal itself. But it needs the right tools. You can not expect the doctor to do 100% of the work. 

You are responsible for what goes in and on your body.

You can make the necessary changes to your mind, body and spirit. 

Some times disease happens, even when we do everything right.

And if that happens,

 we can combine Eastern and Western philosophies to help create a healthier happier person. 

Helping you find your positive side.

I have personally found Energy Work (Reiki, Qigong and Tapping) helps with anxiety and pain.  Please contact me to find out how to use Energy Work in your life. 

You may find Reiki, Qigong or Tapping are helpful by themselves or using them together, as I have found.

The pictures above are from my trip to Beijing in 2016.

Yes! I want to save $40.00 

​4 Sessions for just $180.00

Here I am at Yosemite National Park. 

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Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

Carol A Richards
Carol has been an Energy Practitioner for over 30 years and knows first hand the power of universal energy.
She has studied and is certified to practice: 

*Gendai Reiki Ho (Shinpinden/level 3)   *EFT and TFT (Tapping)    *Qigong   * Law of Attraction

*Drums Alive Senior Master Trainer   *Health Rhythms Trained Facilitator  *Water Imprints, Founder

 * Advanced Aromatherapy   * Licensed Aesthetician